Introducing Sunthwart and Gruelbane!

I’m pleased to at long last launch the promised original content:

The Improbable Adventures of Sunthwart and Gruelbane.

Follow the adventures of two hapless adolescent anti-heroes through the pitfalls of puberty in Arkenwald, a fantasy village where the Sagas of Icelanders meet Conan the Barbarian in a cage match to the death!

(Um, sorry. I got a bit carried away there.  Too many Gor books in my impressionable youth.)

Sunthwart, who carries an umbrella as his weapon, and Gruelbane, who wields a fierce ladle, stumble upon misadventures stolen borrowed adapted from a wide variety of sources I read in my own misspent, geeky youth.

The plan is to publish each episode in two parts, one part every two weeks. I’ve already completed eight episodes, so there is literally month’s-worth of content to be had here.

I hope you enjoy getting to know our heroes as much as I’ll enjoy sharing their adventures with you.