“Vixen” is now available in Creepy Campfire Quarterly #1

I’m pleased to announce that “Vixen,” a good, old-fashioned horror-in-the-woods affair, is featured in EMP Publishing’s new quarterly horror anthology, Creepy Campfire Quarterly.

Described as horror stories for grown-ups, CCQ offers horror, extreme horror, and science-fiction/fantasy aimed at a mature market.  “Vixen” is the first story in the anthology, and I am honored to share the book with an extraordinary number of truly excellent modern horror writers.

I hope you’ll take a look at Creepy Campfire Quarterly #1.  It’s available on Amazon for Kindle and in print.

On a personal note, Jen Word, CCQ’s amazing editor, was an absolute joy to work with:  thoughtful, patient, enthusiastic, and welcoming.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!



Meet “The Night Visitor”

I’m proud to announce that “The Night Visitor,” a tale of psychological horror, has made its debut today in the inaugural volume of Another Dimension Magazine.

Editor Angel Leigh McCoy lived up to her first name by guiding me patiently through a process of tightening the story up and making it better–more readable, more relatable, and certainly less windy.  She was a true joy to work with and made this nervous, fledgling author feel safe in her steady hands.

Please do check out Another Dimension‘s Volume 0.  You can follow this link to “The Night Visitor,” where the story is available as a podcast or downloadable etext.

Please note that the link for downloading my or any story will take you to the Kickstarter campaign for Another Dimension.  I want to see Angel’s endeavor succeed not because she gave my story a chance but because we need more good speculative fiction out there.  However, you do NOT need to contribute to the campaign to download any or all stories from Vol. 0.  Having said that, I’d encourage you to read the whole volume.  If darker speculative fiction is a flavor you prefer, you will not be disappointed by everything Another Dimension has to offer.  If you like what you read and want to see more of it, I hope you’ll consider kicking something into the kitty for Angel.

As always, I welcome all comments, questions, and suggestions.